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August 5, 2012

Rocking and rolling

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After a very prolonged absence, I’m hoping that this will mark my return to more or less regular blogging. So I’m starting off with something light…

DJ Jerry B is pleased to unveil the latest vehicle in his fleet: the RocknRoller Multi-Cart.





It’s available in your choice of colors (as long as your choice is black) and trim (hint: be fond of yellow.)

All joking aside, this thing really does kick butt. It can be configured, by my count, at least eight different ways and folds to less than three feet in length. Weighing in at less than 30 pounds, it carries a ton of weight — okay, technically it’s only rated up to 500 pounds, but you get the picture. As someone who routinely has to move a large amount of equipment a considerable distance, dealing with elevators and long hallways, this is possibly the best piece of equipment I have ever invested in.  Even working alone, it enables me to get everything in one trip.

February 26, 2012

Goodbye Netflix. Hello Redbox.

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I’ll start off by saying that I used to love Netflix. They had a great, inexpensive program that was convenient. They started off renting movies and television shows online. It was great: you browse their library, put a bunch of titles in your queue (in the order that you wanted them) and, depending on your subscription level, you’d receive your DVD by mail. Watch it at your leisure and return it when you were done and you’d get the next show on your list.

In those early days, the online streaming was limited, both as to titles that were available, and the amount you could watch. Frankly, most of it was very old, out of date movies and television and, in my opinion, hardly worth paying “extra” for — and that’s exactly how it worked — you paid a flat rate of about $9.00 a month for whatever you watched. Eventually, the online library improved and that became their selling point. “Unlimited streaming and DVDs by mail for one low price.” Customers flocked to them. It was a good thing — for a while.

Last year, Netflix changed their whole structure — splitting the DVD by mail and the online streaming into two separate charges and, in one fell swoop, increased the cost for most of their customers by 40%. They did a very poor job of explaining the reasons behind it and the average customer, myself included, saw it as arrogance. In fact, when questioned about the uproar over the increased costs and the possible departure of subscribers, their answer was that they expected some losses, but that the customers who remained paying the higher rates would make up for it.

Not me. If they had announced the changes with a little more advanced notice, and made more incremental price increases, I would have been more on board with them. But the streaming selection has actually degraded in the last year, so the idea of paying more and getting less just doesn’t do it for me.  The DVD by mail was still the preferred product in this house, so the streaming subscription was dumped and I was no longer a “fan” of Netflix. The process of canceling Netflix entirely is now pending, as much on principle as it is on product. The biggest thing that they had going for them was convenience.

Enter “Redbox”

If you’re not familiar with it, Redbox is great. Reserve a movie online and pick it up at your favorite location. Their kiosks are in supermarkets, drug stores and other convenient spots all around the country. You can rent DVDs for just over $1.00 per disc, per night, with no membership fees.  You should try it out. If you click on the link below and it’s your first time renting online, they’ll give you a free one-night online rental.

So bye-bye Netflix and hello Redbox.

October 3, 2011

Who has the best customers?

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I do. Without question…

I like to talk about the concept of finding the right “fit” when interviewing wedding vendors. It really goes both ways because, from my perspective, not every person who makes initial contact with me is my ideal customer. If the last few years are any indication, identifying that fit has become very effective and I couldn’t be happier with, or more proud of, the relationships that have been built. It’s a labor of love to help create a wedding celebration that is both tasteful and FUN. And my customers give back to me.

For the last couple of years, I have increased my visibility on WeddingWire, which is a wedding planning website. Not only does it offer planning tools, it also provides an opportunity for customers to post reviews of their experience with their wedding vendors. I am continually humbled by the rave reviews that my customers post in their own words. And not just the fact that they were happy with the job that I did for them, but that they take so much time to express the level of their satisfaction. Want to see what I mean about how great they are? Take a look for yourself here.

Beyond that I get e-mails and handwritten ‘thank you’ cards, sometimes MONTHS later. And not too long ago I had one former bride  that sent along a note immediately upon returning home from her first anniversary dinner with her husband. She had been reflecting on how much fun she had on her wedding day and just wanted to say thank you again. I firmly believe that not everyone is lucky enough to meet these types of people.

Then, just this past week, a package comes in the mail. Upon opening it, I discover a small card that reads, “Thank you Jerry, Everyone enjoyed the music! – Liz and Chris 9/4”. Also, there is this:


You are looking at a box of Cakettes, which, I learned upon research on their website, are a hybrid of chocolate truffles and cupcakes. Allegedly they can keep for two weeks without refrigeration. For me, about one pot of coffee should just about do it…


February 13, 2011

Puppy LOVE!

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This is Rosie. Rosie is technically not a puppy, but she has the heart of one. Rosie’s mom told me that she loves getting dressed up, which is why she’s decked out in the Valentine’s Day pink t-shirt and heart headband. As you can readily see, Rosie is a sweetheart!

I met Rosie, and approximately 150 of her friends (and around 400 of their human friends) at the 1st Annual Puppy Love Event, hosted by Fenway Bark. The purpose was to give 10 local animal shelters an opportunity to find new “forever homes” for displaced pets. These are truly wonderful people and the dedication and love they offer to help equally amazing animals is a tribute to humankind. You can probably tell that I have more than a small soft spot on this one.

I was utterly impressed with the location. Fenway Bark is a unique facility, offering not only upscale overnight accommodations — this is not your average boarding kennel — but also grooming, training, pet photography, rehabilitation for injured pets, food, supplies…you name it. They are located right on Boston Harbor not far from Logan Airport and South Station, so for travelers, it’s an ideal spot to drop off your pet before a flight or cruise. The owner and staff care for the animals as they would their own.

I’m hoping to be back next year. Rosie said she would be there.

November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks – November 20th

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I had a great time at the Natick Collection on Saturday morning at the “Give thanks. Walk.” Natick was among more than 60 communities participating in support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Acting as hosts were John Willis and Lori Grande, better known as JW and Lori, the morning hosts from WKLB Country 102.5. Dozens of volunteers kept things running smoothly. Especially entertaining was the crew from Ta.Da! shown above. The kids (and the DJ) had a lot of fun watching them have such a good time.

And the walkers? They did a great job. The 200+ participants raised over $30,000.00.

June 2, 2010

The Kids – May 23rd

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I was again fortunate enough to be part of the PMC-Kids Ride in Natick, Massachusetts. This is the fourth installment for this annual event and, as usual, the planning committee did an outstanding job. It was held this year at Belkin Lookout Farm, giving the older riders the chance to cruise through the orchard pathways. Regular visitors to the farm would recognize it as the route that the train takes to give customers a tour of the fruit trees.

Anyone battling cancer has a hill to climb, but it seems especially unfair when it is a child having to fight that fight. PMC Kids encourages the concept of “Kids Helping Kids” through their participation in this amazing fundraising effort. In 2009, every penny raised by the Pan-Mass Challenge — 100% of the money donated — went directly to the Jimmy Fund. This year, right around 250 young people, ranging in age from 3 to 12, participated in the Natick ride. Dozens of others volunteered, performing such duties as registering riders, manning the refreshment tables, face painting, beading, balloon animals, and so on.

Landry’s Bicycles, as usual, was there. Not only did they have a tent set up to provide maintenance to the bikes participating in the ride, but they also donated a very cool looking mountain bike to the raffle. The number of vendors who donated prizes or volunteered their time (or both) continues to impress me. It ranged from the small mom & pop operations and local restaurants, all the way up to contributions from The Boston Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins. There was even an appearance by Batman.

It’s good to be part of a community effort like that.

May 21, 2010


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The “hotties” of Team Hotwheels. Four great ladies who are riding the 2010 Pan-Mass Challenge to raise money for the Jimmy Fund. I’ve had the absolute pleasure to work with two core members, Caroline and Missy, over the last few years. The selflessness that they exhibit is humbling, participating not only in the PMC itself, but also as key organizers for the PMC-Kids Ride in Natick, Massachusetts. I’m proud to call them my friends.

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