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September 28, 2011

Matthew and Chrissy – Spinelli’s

Connecting with Matthew and Chrissy was the result of a fortunate turn of events. Another couple had wanted to hire me for the same date but, due to changes in their planning, I was available when the bride e-mailed me. After working with them, I could not have been more pleased. This is as genuine a couple as you could ever hope to meet.

Chrissy is originally from Arizona and Matthew hails from Indiana. If you have ever met anyone from the west or midwest, you know that you are dealing with a different mindset. It’s definitely different from native New Englanders and it showed at every phase working with them. Matthew is a disarmingly over-the-top nice guy — almost to the point that I found myself forgetting that it was a business transaction we were participating in. And their reception could only be described a “simple elegance”. Everything from table settings and centerpieces to the cake was beautiful but simple and tasteful.

Spinelli’s in East Boston is a great facility but it’s not the easiest location to navigate. The Ted Williams tunnel may get you INTO Eastie, but those neighborhood streets can be a challenge.  Since the vast majority of their guests were from out -of-state, the bride and groom had arranged for buses to shuttle guests to the reception from the ceremony. This was a great plan since, not only is parking somewhat limited, it’s pretty easy to get lost — which is exactly what happened when we heard that one of the buses carrying guests was indeed “missing”. All turned out well in the end and the festivities that were planned were only delayed by a few minutes.

Once everyone had arrived, we jumped right into the introduction and first dance. This is something that I truly enjoy every time, since it sets the stage for the entire reception. This one was unique from any I had ever done, since Matthew had asked his good friend Scott (a Berklee graduate and master guitar player to play.) Scott and I got along great and it was pure pleasure listening to him “vamp” as we got ready to introduce the couple. They entered and he transitioned seamlessly into a really sweet rendition Israel Kamakamiwo’ole’s cover of “What A Wonderful World” — the hairs were standing on my arms that evening and they are again as I write about it.

Later, after the cake cutting, I learned more about the connection to family and tradition that this couple cling to. It has to do with when and how they became engaged. The details are pretty involved, but in summary, Matthew proposed to Chrissy at the same location where his parents became engaged, the ring he gave her was his grandmother’s and they got married on his parent’s anniversary.

Matthew and Chrissy you were a joy to work with (I also SINCERELY appreciate the fabulous review.) Thanks for letting me be part of your celebration.

September 15, 2011

Liz and Chris – The International Golf Club & Resort

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Liz and Chris celebrated their wedding at The International in Bolton, Massachusetts. This is a world class facility that simply does everything “right”. Their ceremony was held on site, which provides a beautiful panoramic view of the golf course and the rolling hills that lay behind them. The setting is, quite literally, picture perfect.

This couple had a fun, diverse vision for their day. For cocktails and dinner, there was a heavy influence of jazz and American standards. The “Rat Pack” was specifically requested by the young couple — Frank, Dean and Sammy, as well as many of their contemporaries, were  heavily featured, which led to the sweetest moment of the night for the DJ. A somewhat elderly gentleman approached me fairly early on during dinner, obviously wanting to tell me something. In all honesty, since his table was positioned somewhat close to the speakers, my initial thought was that he might be coming up to see if I could turn the volume down a bit (this is often a challenge when guest tables are positioned very close to where I have been assigned to set up.)  In point of fact, this very sweet gentleman took my arm and thanked me for the music, telling me that so many times he and his friends go to weddings, only to be blasted by the music, but that what we had put together was “just wonderful!” He was so cute I had to resist the urge to pat him on the head.

The evening took on a higher energy level during dancing and I was happy to see that nearly every guest took a turn on the floor. It was not only a very fun crowd, but also one of the nicest groups that I have worked for in quite a while. My thanks again to Liz and Chris. You were a great couple to work for and your guests completely made the night.

September 11, 2011

Jess and Matt – Hyatt Regency

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Jess obviously is a no-nonsense person who works well under pressure. Why else would she put together her wedding in just a couple of months? You might think that, given the short time frame she was under,  there would be compromises somewhere along the way. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth. Every aspect of their celebration was well planned and perfectly executed.

First a word about the Hyatt Regency Boston: their reputation is well earned. From the moment I arrived until the evening’s end, everything (and I do mean everything) was handled with the highest level of professionalism. It was elegant, but still charming and fun.

Jess and Matt’s ceremony took place on the 3rd floor terrace at the hotel and it was just beautiful. The cocktail hour followed shortly thereafter at the same location and we had chosen a selection of music that blended jazz and American standards that fit the setting.

The introductions gave an early indication of how fun this night was going to be. The bride chose the very rhythmic song “Closer” by Ne-Yo and the wedding party took their moment in the spotlight to make individualized entrances. The guests excitement grew with each introduction and by the time we brought out the newly married couple, they were ready to explode. That energy level carried over into what was originally planned as low-key dinner music. It’s rare that guests will start making requests DURING dinner, but this crowd was ready to party. Everyone was on board with moving things along so we opened up the dance floor and it was full for just about the rest of the night.

It was also altogether fitting that this wedding was held on the eve of the anniversary of September 11th. You see, this groom is not only a tremendous person, he’s also an American hero, having completed his military service after serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. To Matt and his new wife Jess, I am honored to have been at YOUR service.

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