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July 18, 2012

Blogging update

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A few of you may have noticed not only an absence of recent blog material, but also the mysterious “404 Error” when clicking on old posts. There were a couple of things at work here:

As it relates to the lack of new material, that was all me. I love writing, but unfortunately, it has to take a back seat to almost everything else. The last year has been an  absolute flurry of activity on both the business and personal fronts. These aren’t bad things — in fact almost everything has been positive — but it has left comparatively little time for the creative.

The second, much more recent contributing factor was something that caught me napping: my blog was hacked and, in essence, taken out of commission.

The hackers that got me are a cowardly little  terrorist group that is intent on spreading their messages of hate through any portal that they can weasel their way into. I’m certainly not going to perpetuate that message by disclosing who these lowlifes are. In all candor, when we first discovered the fact, it was more than a little disturbing. Imagine clicking on a link on your own website and seeing a page come up written in middle eastern script, along with shadowy images intended to intimidate the reader. I seriously considered shutting the blog down.

Then I got mad. Not angry, MAD. I began channeling John Blutarsky (better known as ‘Bluto’ from “Animal House” for the uninitiated.) The Germans may have bombed Pearl Harbor, but nothing was over until I said so.  I would have been well beyond lost if it weren’t for my web guru — she worked countless hours attempting to identify the source of the hack and ultimately saved the day by bringing in a technology company that could wipe things clean and restore everything. The blog is back online and I hope to be able to get to writing. We have disabled comments but would invite anyone who wishes to comment to feel free to do so on the Facebook Page.




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