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April 12, 2014

Boston – Stronger Than Ever

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It was right around this time last year that pure evil and cowardice showed itself near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Two completely insignificant “freedom fighters” took on the enemy: a young restaurant manager (Krystle), a grad student (Lingzi Lu) and an 8 year old boy (Martin)  lost their lives. An unknown number of others were permanently affected. Terrorists are the penultimate bullies: only looking for opportunities to wreak havoc on those that can only be described, by those of us who live in reality, as innocent.

I’ve never completely understood what their motive was, beyond being wannabe martyrs, other than to create carnage and fear. So what happened when these two big, brave terrorists dropped their explosives filled knapsacks and ran away? Three innocent people died, more than a dozen bystanders lost limbs, and hundreds of others suffered varying degrees of injury. Carnage? To be sure. Fear? Not even close. Within seconds of the first explosion, and even before the second device detonated, people were running toward the devastation in an effort to help. And it wasn’t just the police, National Guard and EMTs doing their heroic best — it was also Boston Marathon workers, volunteers and civilian spectators.  It’s widely accepted that the death toll would have been far worse were it not for people — humankind — doing what they do when they are needed the most.

I wasn’t there in 2013 — I haven’t watched the marathon in person for well over 10 years. But I made a promise to myself that day: I’ll be there on April 21st, in Boston, as close to the finish line as I can manage. I’ll be wearing my Red Sox cap along with whatever other Boston paraphernalia I decide to drag out of the closet. I have no doubt that I’ll be keeping thoughts for Krystle, Lingzi Lu, Martin and Sean (Sean was the M.I.T. police officer, ambushed and killed by the cowards a few days after the bombings) as well as their families and friends, and for those that were so egregiously injured and continue to recover. I’ll also be doing a silent tip of the cap to those who did everything they could to help on that horrible day.

Boston wasn’t weakened on April 15, 2013. There’s a word for it and you can find various definitions if you look it up:

“not mild or weak”

“having great physical power and ability; having a lot of strength”

“not easy to break or damage”

The word is STRONG.

Boston Strong.




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