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Your story is unique. Your Wedding Reception should be the same. You decide if you want high energy or a more laid-back affair. I can offer assistance and suggestions based on years of experience, but I also respect your wishes.

Included in your price are as many meetings as are needed to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch. Each wedding that I assist with is truly tailored to the needs of the individual customer. Allied with the LGBT community.

Without any obligation at all on your part, I'd be happy to discuss things on the telephone if you like. I'm a big believer in "fit" and finding a comfort zone between me and my clients, so if you would like to have that happen, just let me know.

There is no event more personal and individual than a wedding. This is why my approach is to meet with the couple as many times as necessary before the event.

The bride arrived by boat to the harbor side wedding reception. The music was timed from the point where she was seen to when she ascended the steps to the hall.

The wedding date was chosen to be the same as the grandparents of the bride. A love story of sorts, telling their history, which was written by the bride herself, was presented. Family members and guests, who had also known the grandparents, spontaneously began chiming in at different parts of the story.

The father of the bride had passed away a few years before her wedding. A tribute was made to him, incorporating a special fun song that had always been shared between him and his family, which was immediately followed by the introduction of the bridal party.

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